Newsletter 2019

News 2019

  • HNV-Link builds on the foundations provided by the networking activities of the European Forum on Nature Conservation and Pastoralism (EFNCP), which is an umbrella organization of some 60 member organisations and societies in more than 20 European countries. HNV-Link produced a special issue of the EFNCP Newsletter called La Cañada (which means an ancient pastoral track), devoted entirely to the project activities at a networking and regional levels. Read it here.

  • The coordinating partner CIHEAM (Centre International de Hautes Études Agronomiques Méditerranéennes) dedicated its latest thematic news sheets to HNV-Link project and its other work on agrobiodiversity. Read it here.

  • HNV-Link Atlas (Oct 2017) and Collection of Baseline Assessments (July 2017) are now available also in e-book format in HNV-Link Issuu channel

  • HNV-Link has a growing collection of videos on its YouTube channel. There are currently 75 of them organised in 6 playlists with more than 4200 views. Also some partners and associates have created or used the existing channels of their own for communicating about the project: HNV LA THESSALY Greece, InfoLAG5, UDIT ICAAM, Länsstyrelsen Västra Götaland, and Rede Rural Nacional. These collected additional 1400 views. Explore and enjoy!

  • HNV-Link explored yet another channel of global resources, on which the topic of HNV farmland now prominently features - SlideShare: