Newsletter 2017

News 2017

  • Summer is a busy time for conducting innovation seminars in all learning areas (LA) of the project. A variety of stakeholders - local communities, business, administration, research - have been involved in the seminars. Their work will culminate in a Vision for each LA: "What future do we want to see for our LA?" "What innovations are needed to achieve it?".
    The reports in respective national languages with English summary will be available on the website (under Learning Areas).

  • On 8-9th May, HNV-Link participated in the 19th Symposium of the European Grasslands Federation, held in Alghero, Sardinia. The focus of the Symposium was "grassland resources for extensive farming systems in marginal lands", and it included an important session on HNV grasslands, where Guy Beaufoy presented the HNV-Link project. He emphasized the urgent need for social, institutional and policy innovation using an example of La Vera area in Spain. There, the authorities started a very non-innovative campaign to eradicate tuberculosis in goat flocks, the move that seriously threatens the HNV farming system itself.
    The presentation is available: Guy Beaufoy presentation EGF Alghero 2017

  • The participants of the 14th Eurasian Grassland Conference (3-8th July, Riga, Latvia) got to know the HNV-Link during a plenary talk by Irina Herzon "In Hands of Farmers and Society: Semi-Natural Grasslands in the Boreal Region". The conference conclusions and recommendations for Latvian grassland conservation largely draw on inspiration and insights from this talk. The conference included to several magnificent Latvian meadows and pastoral landscapes:
    The presentation and conclusions are available from the event site (see Downloads).