Thessalia, Greece

Thessalia, Greece

Thessalia, Greece, is an area of permanent pastures and meadows, natural grasslands dependent on agricultural activity, and cultural heritage elements.

Farming systems are extensive agro-sylvo-pastoralism, extensive sheep and goat farming in coexistence with intensive and irrigated agriculture, natural aromatic and medicinal plants. Diverse practices in the area include shepherding, artisan cheese making, agrotourism activities, cultural activities, small agro-food entrepreneurship.

The key issues faced by the area are sustainable pasture management, managing high fire risk, and lack of extension services on livestock. There is a clear need for new techniques as well as tools for improving the viability of extensive systems and sustainable interplay between extensive systems and efficiency in using natural resources. The area has seen several important innovations in increasing added value from the resources through a participatory guarantee system to producers, integration of stakeholders, marketing and territorial development.

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