Sítio de Monfurado, Portugal

Sítio de Monfurado, Portugal

Sítio de Monfurado, Portugal

Sítio de Monfurado, Portugal, is part of the Natura 2000 network, and includes complex montado systems of oak trees, diverse shrubs and grasslands, sometimes intermixed with agricultural crops and grazed by domestic and wild herbivores.

Farming aims at cork harvesting and low intensity livestock production. The area has considerable heritage values and has hosted LIFE projects.

The municipalities put considerable efforts into increasing farmers’ awareness of nature values, related recreation values and public goods. It is an example of close engagement of farmers in the Nature 2000 site planning process. Most recently, an innovative approach targeted urban dwellers.

More info: www.evora.net/percursos/monfurado.htm
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