La Vera, Extremadura, Spain

La Vera, Extremadura

La Vera, Extremadura

La Vera, Extremadura, Spain is a region of outstanding natural and heritage values. The land cover is comprised of semi-natural mosaics of grassland, shrubs and wooded land, parcels of chestnuts, olives, figs and other permanent crops.

Farming systems are extensive goat and cattle raising, traditional olive and fruit production. Shepherding, artisan cheese making, maintenance of stone terraces and walls are practiced.

The key issues are: lack of economic viability, high labour requirement, low social status of farmers, lack of institutional support, regulatory restrictions, land abandonment and high fire risk. Needs for innovations are multiple: better organization of labour, improved pasture management, better networks of mutual support, increased added value to produce, exploitation of touristic potential, adaptation of regulatory framework for farmers and cheese-makers, and payments for environmental services.

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    (August 2017)

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